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The Main Story

Scholars: Human-being Forefather Walked from Sudan to the Rest of the World

Prof. Muntasir al-Tayeb Ibrahim

KHARTOUM ( – It is no longer a question of satisfying a national ego. It is now science and facts. Of course every nation likes to say they were the roc-bed for humanity, the cream more..


Actor Mohammad Abdallah Musa, A Fountain of Smiles On the Stage


KHARTOUM ( – Mohammad Abdallah Musa, a rising star in the Sudanese comedy, has in a few years managed to force laughter from the lips of his growing audience by virtue of his superb performance more..

Professional Point

Recent Financial Measures: Are There Other Alternatives?

Minister of Finance Badr Eddeen Muhmoud

KHARTOUM ( The repercussions of the recently announced financial policies adopted by the government early this month, are still reverberating. The liberalization of the rate of exchange has led to increase in the prices of more..

Books Reviews

Sudanese Personality: A Psycho-Anthropological Analysis


KHARTOUM ( – Author, Dr. Mohammad Abdel Aziz al-Talib in this book tackles the sources that form the Sudanese personality as recounted by writers who discussed the matter. Some of those writers had embodied all more..