Today 23.Jan.2017
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The Main Story

Press Applauds Easing of U.S Sanctions on Sudan


KHARTOUM ( – The Khartoum press was Saturday awash with news and commentaries about the resolution Friday by U.S President Barack Obama that eased tight economic sanctions on Sudan. The sanctions were imposed by the more..


Head of UNESCO Khartoum Office: Impressive list of achievements during 60 years of cooperation


KHARTOUM ( – Head of UNESCO–– United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization––Khartoum Office and UNESCO representative to Sudan Pavel Kroupkine (PhD) overviews in the following interview the outcome of 60 years of cooperation between more..

Professional Point

More Ways to Beat up Unemployment

Hundreds of youths line up to apply for six posts (google)

KHARTOUM ( – When Mohamed al-Amin al-Tijani graduated from the al-Nilain University’s Faculty of Petroleum and Mining,  he did not waste much time looking for a  government job for he was well aware about the more..

Books Reviews

Sudanese Personality: A Psycho-Anthropological Analysis


KHARTOUM ( – Author, Dr. Mohammad Abdel Aziz al-Talib, in this book highlighted  the sources that form the Sudanese personality as recounted by writers who discussed the matter first, and then explained his own approach. more..