Today 27.Mar.2017
Last update : 2017-03-26, 10:40 am
in Khartoum
  • US Immigrant Visa Processing Resumed in Sudan

    KHARTOUM (SUDANOW) –The U.S. Embassy in Khartoum has announced the resumption of Immigrant Visa processing in Sudan for the first time in nearly 20 years. The Embassy said in press release it issued Wednesday that more..

  • Former Hostage Speaks on JEM Prison Conditions

    KHARTOUM (SUDANOW)—A former leading Darfur rebel who has recently freed himself from detention by former rebel colleagues recalls memories of an attack in Chad in which two leaders of the former rebel faction were killed more..

  • Ramadan Kerim

    KHARTOUM (SUDANOW)—”Ramadan Kerim”, this phrase, which means Ramadan is generous, is part of greeting among the Sudanese people during the fasting month. The generosity is not only confined to the greeting but also extends to more..