Today 25.Mar.2017
Last update : 2017-03-20, 1:38 pm
in Khartoum
  • Sudanese Mourn Outstanding Mathematician Salah Mohammad Ahmed

    KHARTOUM ( -A shadow of grief over the weekend  clouded the Sudanese websites and social media over the stunning and untimely departure of  Mathematician, Prof. Salah-Eldin Mohammad Ahmed who died in the American city of more..

  • Jadallah Jubara: Flag Bearer Of The Sudanese Cinema

    KHARTOUM ( – The Sudanese film industry has always been associated with the name of one of its outstanding founders, the late Jadallah Jubara. Jubara has very early recognized the value of   cinema and its more..

  • Abducted UNHCR Workers Freed

    Al-Geneina, Darfur ( – Security authorities have managed to free three workers abducted from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in Darfur region. Governor of West Darfur Fadl al-Moula al-Haja said security authorities more..

  • Tahiya Zarroug: What An Actress!

    KHARTOUM ( – Nonpareil actress Tahiya Zarroug, the heroine of Urs Al-Zein (the Wedding of Zein) movie film, presently lives in Canada with her French husband Patrice Marie, who was a lecturer in the University more..

  • Director Abbady Speaks On The Status Of Cinema Industry In Sudan

    KHARTOUM ( – The cinema industry in Sudan witnessed remarkable accomplishments in the 1970s and 1980s during which a number of films won international awards. But this surge abated and the cinema sector suffered negligence more..

  • Sudanow 40th Birthday

    KHARTOUM ( – Forty years have now elapsed since Sudanow first saw the light of the day. Forty years and it is still young and forcing its way in strong wide strides, with clear vision more..

  • The Coming of Zein

     KHARTOUM ( – Excited crowds gathered near Khartoum’s Friendship Hall late month. The occasion? The national premiere on the 20th  (November 1978), of the Wedding of Zein, based on the book by Sudanese novelist Tayib more..

  • Sudan Should Exploit the Present Population Gift

    KHARTOUM ( – Sudan is expected to see a population slowdown of 2.4% during the coming few years, according to UN recent estimates. According to the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs/ Population Division more..

  • Renewal of Sudan Membership in Chemical Weapons Organization

    KHARTOUM ( – The Sudanese government has welcomed renewal of the Sudan membership in the executive committee of the Chemical Weapons Organization (CWO)  for 2017-2019. Sudanese Foreign Under-Secretary Abdul Ghani al-Naeem said in a statement to more..