Today 23.Oct.2016
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in Khartoum

The Main Story

Kassala, A City Loved By All Sudanese


KHARTOUM ( – All Sudanese are infatuated with the Eastern border City of Kassala. Even those who had never seen it love and long to see it. Native and non-native Kassala poets had composed touching more..


Actor Mohammad Abdallah Musa, A Fountain of Smiles On the Stage


KHARTOUM ( – Mohammad Abdallah Musa, a rising star in the Sudanese comedy, has in a few years managed to force laughter from the lips of his growing audience by virtue of his superb performance more..

Professional Point

Prominent Journalists Give Their Say In Dialogue Outcome


KHARTOUM ( – National Dialogue Conference (NDC) has wounded up its protracted sessions with a massive rally organized by the Government of State of Khartoum in one of the Capital City’s largest public squares (the more..

Books Reviews

Fatima Ahmad Ibrahim: A Beautiful World


KHARTOUM ( – “The good clouds of the Sudanese progressive women movement have all of them gathered around the valiance of Fatima Ahmad Ibrahim when, in her early youth, she walked along the most dangerous more..