Arab Conference for Agricultural Investment Concludes

AAAID Chairman al-Mazrouie

KHARTOUM ( – The third Arab Conference for Agricultural Investment concluded session here on Tuesday and issued its recommendations stressing the importance of realizing food security for the Arab world through exploitation of the immense agricultural resources found in Arab countries and implementation of Arab leaders’ initiatives in this regard particularly that launched by President Omer al-Bashir.

The two-day conference, which was held at the Friendship Hall under the motto “Our food … Our responsibility”, is organized by the Khartoum-based Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID). It is the largest gathering of decision makers, private and institutional investors, academics, innovators, Farmer Union representatives and scientific experts with the aim of discussing all economic and social aspects in the field of agricultural investment.

President Bashir has addressed the opening session of the conference stressing that Sudan enjoys huge natural and human resources which could enable it to achieve Arab Food security. He assured that Sudan hosts 175 million feddans of arable lands, 118 million feddans of natural grazing lands with over 102 million heads of livestock, as well as huge water and fishery resources which if utilized could effect a hug e developmental leap.

He commended the role played by the Arab Authority for Agriculture Investment in the Sudan and those of the various Arab funds and businessmen.
The Minister for Finance and Economic Planning, Badr Eddin Mahmoud renewed Sudan’s commitment to provide favorable and conducive climate for investment in the Sudan for the implementation of the Arab Food Security.

The Minister reviewed in his statement before the conference the directives given by the president of the Republic for the achievement of Arab food security and the measures taken to encourage investors and to allow them reap the dividends of their investment in the country.

He commended the role played by the Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and development in the Sudan.

The Minister referred to the efforts of the Arab investment institutions in helping the Sudan erect basic infrastructures in the country.

He said it was also imperative to assess the huge economic, and natural resources the Sudan has and to take into consideration the relevant advantages in the Sudan with regard to the climate, thus specifying agricultural produces and how they could help in filling in the Arab Food gap.

The conference recommended creation of conducive climate for agricultural investment including laws, infrastructure, innovations and research, training and transfer of technology.