Bashir’s Vice President Officially Appointed Prime Minister

KHARTOUM ( Sudanow)- First Vice President, Lt General Bakri Hassan Salih, has been sworn in as new prime minister before president Omer al-Bashir at the Republican Palace on Thursday.

The ruling party, the National Congress Party (NCP) has decided in its Leadership Council meeting, that ended in the early hours of Thursday, to appoint Salih as Prime Minister besides his present post as FVP.

The High Committee for Implementation of the Proposals of the National Dialogue process on Tuesday mandated President Omar Bashir to appoint a prime minister and to take arrangements for formation of a new National Accord Government. The new government will include parties and organizations that took part in the government-sponsored National Dialogue.

The National Dialogue, a process that continued for about three years since it was launched by Bashir, brought in the majority of the political forces and even some armed rebel movement representatives, to discuss and propose ways of getting the country out of its current political, economic, cultural, identity and social stalemate.

Late last year the process reached conclusions and made recommendations, including proposing the formation of a National Accord government, to be headed by a prime minister.

According to those recommendations and subsequent discussions of the High level committee, the prime minister would be responsible before the president, and as an executive will be subject to parliamentary questioning for his cabinet performance.

Salih, 67, a veteran politician and a military by vocation is a long time aide of president Bashir.  He is one of the few generals that staged the 1989 bloodless coup d’état in June 1989, led by Bashir. Since then he has never eclipsed from ministerial posts, ending up with the FVP.