Today 27.Mar.2017
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in Khartoum
  • Sand in My Eyes: Sudanese Moments

    KHARTOUM ( – This is one of the rare books that tackled the harsh life and environment of Kordofan Region of Sudan’s Midwest. Ms. Eniko Nagy had travelled wide, carefully watched, photographed and selectively chose the more..

  • Sudanese Personality: A Psycho-Anthropological Analysis

    KHARTOUM ( – Author, Dr. Mohammad Abdel Aziz al-Talib, in this book highlighted  the sources that form the Sudanese personality as recounted by writers who discussed the matter first, and then explained his own approach. more..

  • Fatima Ahmad Ibrahim: A Beautiful World

    KHARTOUM ( – “The good clouds of the Sudanese progressive women movement have all of them gathered around the valiance of Fatima Ahmad Ibrahim when, in her early youth, she walked along the most dangerous more..

  • South Sudan Secession: Role and Responsibility of Northern Sudanese Political Forces

    KHARTOUM ( – In this book (published in 2015) Dr. Salman Mohammad Ahmed Salman discusses the issue of the breakaway of Southern Sudan from the mother country (Sudan) in the light of what he calls more..

  • The Zanzibar Revolution 1964: Are the Arabs African Citizens Or Settlers?

    KHARTOUM ( – Academic Researcher Dr. Abdallah Ali Ibrahim discusses in this book the background of the gruesome massacre that occurred during the Zanzibar Uprising of 1964 against the Arabs. The writer has sought to, intellectually, more..

  • Tagali Islamic Kingdom in Nuba Mountains

    KHARTOUM ( – Tagali area is located at AL Rashad locality of eastern Nuba Mountains in South Kordofan.  It is surrounded with series of Mountains the highest of is 3800 ft above sea level. It more..

  • The Sudanese Novel in Sixty Years

    KHARTOUM (SUDANOW) -In his book entitled ”The Sudanese Novel in Sixty Years”, Professor Mohammad al-Mahdi Bushra of the university of Khartoum, has traced the history of the Sudanese novel from the country’s independence in 1956 more..

  • Decentralization: Issues & Application in Sudan from the Good Governance Perspective

    KHARTOUM (SUDANOW) – The decentralization appears to be a substitute to democracy in Sudan, a country which cannot be ruled from the center without genuine delegation and authorization to medium-and local-level administrative units. Moreover, monopolization more..

  • Impact of Four Sudanese Thinkers on Malcolm X

    KHARTOUM (SUDANOW)—DR. Mohamed Wagie-Allah Ahmed, in a booklet written in Arabic and republished in 2012, cast light on four Sudanese influencing factors on the thought of black African-American leader Malcolm X (1925-65). He begins with more..

  • Theatrical Arts in the Sufi Utterance

    KHARTOUM (SUDANOW)—The Sudanese have recently celebrated the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). The celebrations consist of God’s utterance and renowned Sufi’s poetry eulogizing the Prophet. Dr. Fadlullah Ahmed Abdullah wrote a book in which more..