Today 25.Mar.2017
Last update : 2017-03-20, 1:38 pm
in Khartoum
  • Tourism Categorized under Economic Sector after Decades of Minor Role

    KHARTOUM (Sudanow) – Nearly 1000 Travel and Tourism Agencies (TAA) are conducting businesses in Khartoum (the national capital). However only handful of them operates in real tourism activities. The bulk of them conducts activities in more..

  • The Impact of Hala’ib Dispute on the Sudanese-Egyptian Relations

    KHARTOUM (—Recent statements by Sudanese President Omar al-Beshir to the Arabiya satellite TV channel on the Sudan’s relationship with Egypt have once again rekindled the dispute between the two countries over Hala’ib and Shalateen which more..

  • Textile Industry is Recovering after Years of Deterioration

    KHARTOUM ( – Ministry of industry has prepared a rehabilitation program targets textile industry. The program initiated in 1994 during the era of former minister Jalal Yousif AL Digar. However, the program was not   progressed more..

  • Al-SALAHI: Sudan’s Version Of Marlon Brando

    KHARTOUM ( The character he played in the pioneering Sudanese film “The Wedding of Zein”, was nothing but himself: a calm, radiating and self-imposing, Noel-like elderly. That is Ibrahim al-Salahi in life as well as more..

  • Sudanow 40th Birthday

    KHARTOUM ( – Forty years have now elapsed since Sudanow first saw the light of the day. Forty years and it is still young and forcing its way in strong wide strides, with clear vision more..

  • Reflections On Civil Disobedience

    KHARTOUM ( – The three-day civil disobedience called for by Sudanese youths on the social media in protest of the skyrocketing prices of commodities, particularly the drugs, came to an end by Wednesday. Opinions of more..

  • Sudanese Dates Open New Horizons

    KHARTOUM ( – The recent Ninth Palm & Dates Festival has represented a qualitative move in dates packing, packaging and dates display for sale. The Festival has also revealed the introduction of different new industries more..

  • Elie Match Group Enhances Gum Arabic Production in Sudan

    KHARTOUM ( – The Kuwait-based Elie Match Company on Sunday paid 850.000 Sudanese pounds to Gum Arabic Producers Cooperative Societies in North Kordufan State in implementation of an agreement it had signed with the University more..

  • Sudanese Teams Score Well In Chess, Football

    KHARTOUM ( – The recent Baku, Azerbaijan, 42nd Chess Olympiad has seen a Sudanese comeback to gold winning, an event that also coincided with two other successes for the country in the arena of African more..

  • Security and Fighting Terrorism in the Japan-Africa Summit (TICAD)

    KHARTOUM ( – During his recent participation in the Sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development, (TICAD-VI), Sudanese First Vice President, LT Gen Bakri Hassan Salih, met with presidents of Chad Idris Debby, Uganda, Yoweri more..