Today 25.Mar.2017
Last update : 2017-03-20, 1:38 pm
in Khartoum
  • Building Blocks to July

    KHARTOUM (Sudanow) – Gradually and step by step the momentum is building towards July deadline, where the new Trump administration will lift finally economic sanctions on Sudan, or re-instate sanctions that were eased by former more..

  • Sudanese Version of an Arab Spring?

    KHARTOUM (Sudanow) – By appointing Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih the first formal prime minister in almost three decades, a window of opportunity is opening for a controlled gradual change that will be the first of more..

  • Trump’s Travel Ban Harms Innocent Citizens

    KHARTOUM ( – Ms. Shadia al-Haj Yousif (65) could possibly be the first Sudanese who had managed to make it through Dallas Airport after U.S President Donald Trump’s tempestuous decision denying entry to his country more..

  • More Ways to Beat up Unemployment

    KHARTOUM ( – When Mohamed al-Amin al-Tijani graduated from the al-Nilain University’s Faculty of Petroleum and Mining,  he did not waste much time looking for a  government job for he was well aware about the more..

  • Tahiya Zarroug: What An Actress!

    KHARTOUM ( – Nonpareil actress Tahiya Zarroug, the heroine of Urs Al-Zein (the Wedding of Zein) movie film, presently lives in Canada with her French husband Patrice Marie, who was a lecturer in the University more..

  • Recent Financial Measures: Are There Other Alternatives?

    KHARTOUM ( The repercussions of the recently announced financial policies adopted by the government early this month, are still reverberating. The liberalization of the rate of exchange has led to increase in the prices of more..

  • More Is Needed To Counter Breast Cancer In Sudan

    KHARTOUM-MADANI ( – Sudanese Health Ministry reports indicate that women are most infected with cancer than men in Sudan. The reports say breast cancer constitutes a big deal of cancer infections among Sudanese women. Breast more..

  • Prominent Journalists Give Their Say In Dialogue Outcome

    KHARTOUM ( – National Dialogue Conference (NDC) has wounded up its protracted sessions with a massive rally organized by the Government of State of Khartoum in one of the Capital City’s largest public squares (the more..

  • Sudan’s Cultural Tourism: A Treasure That Should Be Tapped

    KHARTOUM ( – Tourism is a socioeconomic phenomenon that embodies a lot of functions such as beach tourism, adventure tourism (that includes mountaineering, water-skiing, skating and sledging), medical tourism, shopping and contemplation. We can also more..

  • Arab Media: How To be Effective in Counterterrorism

    KHARTOUM ( – The Workshop on the role of the Arab media in challenging terrorism, held in Khartoum through last Thursday and Friday, was not the first such a convention to tackle this malaise.It was more..