Today 25.Mar.2017
Last update : 2017-03-20, 1:38 pm
in Khartoum
  • Constitutional Amendments Set National/ Popular Congress Foreseen Partnership Into Jeopardy

    KHARTOUM (Sudanow) – A heated tug of war has dominated the political scene over the proposed constitutional amendments put forward by the Popular Congress Party(PCP) of the Late Islamist leader Dr. Hassan al-Turabi. At issue more..

  • A Tour of Kordofan Countrside Heritage (3)

    KHARTOUM (Sudanow) – The Sheep-breeders are the people who own, raise and practice trade in sheep which are found in Kordofan in large numbers of species internationally known as the Hamary sheep (owned by Hamar more..

  • A Tour of the Kordofan Countryside Heritage (2)

    KHARTOUM (—Dr. Doleeb Mahmoud Doleeb Abu Dagul, the writer and researcher of the Kordofan heritage in the University of Kordofan and chairman of the Heritage Society of Kordofan, continued in highlighting main features of Kordofan more..

  • A Tour of the Kordofan Countryside Heritage (1)

    KHARTOUM ( – The customs, traditions and folklore heritage of Kordofan region of central west Sudan derives from the tribal occupations and way of livelihood which are basically dependent on pastoralism. Although the pastoralists vary more..

  • Press Applauds Easing of U.S Sanctions on Sudan

    KHARTOUM ( – The Khartoum press was Saturday awash with news and commentaries about the resolution Friday by U.S President Barack Obama that eased tight economic sanctions on Sudan. The sanctions were imposed by the more..

  • The Coming of Zein

     KHARTOUM ( – Excited crowds gathered near Khartoum’s Friendship Hall late month. The occasion? The national premiere on the 20th  (November 1978), of the Wedding of Zein, based on the book by Sudanese novelist Tayib more..

  • Scholars: Human-being Forefather Walked from Sudan to the Rest of the World

    KHARTOUM ( – It is no longer a question of satisfying a national ego. It is now science and facts. Of course every nation likes to say they were the roc-bed for humanity, the cream more..

  • The Jirtig: A Belief As Old As History

    KHARTOUM ( – “Good omens … Noble angels … follow him, our groom!   All goodness … Allah’s goodness, escort and tend to him!” Who in Sudan doesn’t know these words and savor them as they more..

  • Kassala, A City Loved By All Sudanese

    KHARTOUM ( – All Sudanese are infatuated with the Eastern border City of Kassala. Even those who had never seen it love and long to see it. Native and non-native Kassala poets had composed touching more..

  • NAM Venezuela Summit: Sudanese Memoirs

    KHARTOUM ( – It is all set for the summit conference of the member states of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), in the Venezuelan island of Margarita, called the most beautiful island in the Caribbean, during more..