Darfur movement leader returns home, received with fanfare

Khartoum (sudanow.info.sd)- A Darfur rebel leader who signed a peace deal with Khartoum government in July this year, in Doha, Qatar, has finally arrived to Khartoum accompanied by huge fanfare and celebrations, welcomed by both the government and the UN-AU mission in Darfur (UNAMID).

Dr Tedgani Sese, the President of the Darfur Justice and liberation Movement arrived to Khartoum evening Monday accompanied by the Qatari Deputy Prime Minister Al Mahmud. Sese had managed to unite 20 Darfuri factions and to negotiate for one whole year with the government in Qatar to reach a peace deal in July this year.

Sese said he was convinced the peace deal signed in Doha, Qatar, was  good for the Darfur and its people. And that it would benefit the people of Darfur and Sudan.

 Sese who arrived to Khartoum accompanied by a huge delegation and by Qatari Deputy premier, Al Mahmud, was received at the airport by the Assistant of the president of the Republic, Nafie Ali Nafi and by the state minister at the presidency of the republic, Dr Amin Hassan Omar.

"We believe the problem of Darfur does not concern the armed movements only; we have the real stakeholders the people of Darfur. this agreement meets the aspirations of the people of Darfur and a good chance to build a real partnership with the national congress party and the government of Sudan to implement this deal on the ground" he stressed.

The Darfur Doha Peace Document (DDPD) stand apart from other agreement in that it was wholly sponsored by the Qatari government that agreed to provide over two billion USD dollars to help compensate those Darfuri civilians affected by the war, pay comp0ensation for the Internally Displaced Persons, help reconstruct the affected areas and at the same time, enjoy the support of both African and Arab world and the Western countries.

In a recent meeting in Genaina, West Darfur, representatives from 18 states, including China, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Norway, the Netherlands among other, have expressed their support for the deal and called on those who stayed away to join deal, to reverse their position.

Professor Ibrahim Gambari, the head of UNAMID, has pointed out in a statement upon arrival of the delegation in Khartoum that "The return of Chairperson Sese to Sudan is the first harvest of what we hope will be a fruitful and sustainable peace for the benefit of all the people of Sudan." Gambari congratulated the Government of Sudan and the Liberation and Justice Movement for their commitment to the hard road of peace.

"The Government of Qatar also deserves special commendation in this regard.  It is the vision and relentless efforts of Deputy Prime Minister Al Mahmud that has led us on the path to this historic agreement." He said "Today, we are witnessing the seeds of peace, which were planted in Darfur with the signing of the Doha Document for Peace on 14 July 2011, develop into a tree capable of bearing fruit. "

He expressed hope that the return of Chairperson Sese to Sudan which he described as the "first harvest of what we hope will be a fruitful and sustainable peace for the benefit of all the people of Sudan".

He called on the movements that did not sign the peace deal to join the process, citing in this case the justice and equality movement of Dr Ibrahim Khalil, and the Sudan liberation movement of Mohamed Nour. Both have stayed away from the Doha peace deal.

He assured those who signed the deal that they should not doubt the support of the international community. Two days ago, UNAMID convened the fourth retreat of Special Envoys on Darfur in Al Geneina where dozens of peace envoys voiced clear support for the DDPD and strong commitment to its implementation.

He stressed that as Joint Chief Mediator, a.i., and in close consultation with the Government of Qatar, he would continue to engage the holdout movements, to encourage them to cease hostilities and enter into political negotiations with the Government.

"Even at this time of hope and progress, I must reiterate my urgent call to the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) the Sudanese Liberation Army- Minni Minawi and the Sudanese Liberation Army–Abdul Wahid to join the peace process. I cannot stress enough how important it is for all those who claim devotion to the future of Darfur and Sudan to join the efforts for peace. This is not the time to posture. Too many have suffered and too much is at stake."

He warned the train of peace in Darfur has started moving and the widows are closing. He said those who want to join t he peace deal should do so before it was too late.

Another impetus for a possible success of the deal is that Dr Sese, a highly educated economist, hails from a ruling family in Darfur, among the majority Fur tribal group in the region, stripping Mohamed Nour, of the Sudan liberation movement of a strong asset.