The First Environment Conference Wraps up, Issues Recommendations

KHARTOUM (SUDANOW) – Sudanese Vice President Hassabo Mohamed Abdul Rahman has announced annual awards for best five researchers, three best states and five best localities in the field of environment beside five best organizations and three best companies or plants in connection with environment.

He made this declaration in the closing session of the first environment conference that was organized by the Higher Council for Environment and Urban and Rural Promotion (HCEURP) of Khartoum State  in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Urban Development under the motto (Towards a Capital of a Green Environment and Sustainable Development).

The Vice President has cautioned the big powers and organizations against failure of supporting the developing countries in confronting the climate change, noting this would lead to further migration and displacement, harming the humanity as a whole.


The Brazilian representative

The Brazilian representative





He pledged sponsorship of the recommendations of the conference which began last Saturday with participation of 40 countries and organizations.

The recommendations included the following:-

-Formation of an advisory council of experts and specialists for revision of a plan for designing, implementing and management of the planned greenbelt.

-Planting arbor belts around the towns in addition to launching environmental awareness campaigns.

-Reactivation of the anti-desertification legislations and conducting relevant studies.

-Application of the gauges of the Sudanese Standards and  Metrology Organization and FAO on treatment of the sewage water for irrigation.

-Formation of a coordination council within the Ministry of Environment tasked with the carbon measurement.

-Employment of funds provided by financiers and training in management of the carbon and control of desertification in addition to carrying out social and environmental studies in the areas of the greenbelt.

– Minimum reliance on generated electricity and use of the renewable energy.