UN Day celebrations in Khartoum

Khartoum, (sudanow.info.sd)- Excellency, the Governor of Khartoum State:
Excellency, the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations,
Excellencies, Representatives of Accredited Diplomatic Missions in Khartoum,
Excellencies, Representatives of Specialized UN Agencies,
It is my pleasure to address your august gathering here while the whole international community is commemoration the UN day. It is a great occasion for the peoples and governments of the world to commemorate the entry into forces of the Charter of the United Nations on 14 October 1945 to establish the pillars of international multilateral interaction based on the experiences of the League on Nations and aiming at achieving its objectives of safeguarding peace and security and promoting coexistence and fraternity between the countries and peoples of the world .

Ladies and Gentlemen:
We commemorate this occasion while the world is witnessing mounting challenges; challenges which require joining international efforts to address and a will to conjure u effective solutions. The repercussions of the global economic crisis are exacerbated and its effects have reached all the countries of the world without exception. However, its effects on our developing countries are grater. Our economies have faced formidable challenges due to the ramifications of this global crisis coupled with climate change. Together they led to reduction of energy rates, shortages in food and rise in the prices of commodities and basic needs, leading in turn to outbreak of conflicts, especially in the African continent. This complicated international reality requires awareness and comprehension on the part of the international organization; it must double its efforts in the field of development with emphasis on the developing countries and by giving utmost priority to combating poverty and unemployment as well as providing food and alleviating poverty among poor peoples.

Distinguished gathering,
This celebration is being held while our country is entering a new era of its political history, having fulfilled the commitments of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement; leading to the creation of the state of South Sudan, which is met with recognition by the Government of the Sudan. The President of the Republic reassured the keenness to establish relations of cooperation, good neighborliness and fraternity between the two sisterly countries. Dialogue is ongoing between the two parties to settle the pending issues of the interest of the two countries and peoples.

Darfur, after signing the peace agreement in Doha, enters a new stage of mitigating the effects of the conflict, closing the chapter of war, recommencement of the projects of development and reconstruction and the return of the IDPs and refugees of the sake of achieving peace, stability and development to the people of Darfur.
The people of Sudan are coming to this important stage with unwavering resolve to unite ranks, consolidate the internal front and double efforts sustaining the process of accomplishing growth, development, construction and national reconciliation.

The Sudan looks forward to a positive role on the side of the United Nations and its specialized agencies in maintaining the policy of constructive engagement adopted by the Governments of the Sudan in its interaction with the United Nations; based on dialogue and cooperation for the promotion of the gains achieved by the Sudanese people in the fields of development, stability and peace throughout the country.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

As we commemorate this occasion we renew our call for the reform of the United Nations to accommodate the changes in the international arena. This requires reform of the mechanisms of the organization and its modus operandi to gear it to a stage in which there is commitment to the spirit ad letter of the Charter, which expresses the consensus of all the peoples of the world, to refrain from interference in the internal affairs of member states and to commit to respecting their choices in accordance with the provisions of the Charter.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

In conclusion we would like to express deepest thanks and gratitude to the staff of the United Nations, especially, those in the humanitarian filed and peacekeeping missions, for the roles they undertake to promote peace and security and bring help to the needy. We pay special tribute to the Sudanese who have been, since the establishment of the organization, representing their country in a very remarkable, way, participating together with their colleagues in consolidating the values of joint action for the benefit of all humanity.

I thank you for Your attention

Statement by
H.E Dr. Abdul Rahmman Elkhidir
The Governor of the state of Khartoum
On the occasion of the Commemoration of the UN Day
Khartoum, 24 October 2011

Excellency, Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Excellency, the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations,
Excellencies, Representatives of Accredited Diplomatic Missions in Khartoum,
Excellencies, Representatives of Specialized UN Agencies,

Our celebrations are renewed on this day of every year to participate with the international Community and to express tribute to United Nations as it carries out its responsibilities as stipulated by the Charter; the Charter that expresses the consensus of the free peoples of the world in their quest for the achievement of peace, security, development and the promotion of human rights. We seize this opportunity to salute the United Nations on its day in acknowledgement of the efforts exerted in all the political, economic, social and cultural fields.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
The Sudan, being one of the active members of the United Nations, aspires for friendly and brotherly cooperation to promote the achievements made by the implementation of the last provision of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement; the carrying out of the South Sudan Referendum, which led to the creation of the State of South Sudan. The Government of Sudan recognized it and offered support to promote good neighborliness and exchange of benefits for the welfare of both peoples.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The Sudan, has entered the stage of the Second Republic after having fulfilled the requirements of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, the Darfur Peace Agreement – signed in Doha to end the era of splintering parties and give way for hope and development for the people of Darfur. Hence we look forward for support of brothers and friends and for the international Community to fulfill its commitments and lift the unfair unilateral sanctions, which affected negatively the vulnerable sectors and the process of development.

We subscribe to those calling this international organizations more democratic and keep them away from politicization and
Double standards in line with the objectives of the Charter; the Charter that is based on a well established initiative aiming as serving the decisions of peoples, preventing interference in their internal affairs and promoting fraternity, equality and international peace. It is an opportunity for all of us to renew our commitment to these well- established principles and the Endeavour for their implementation for their implementation.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
In conclusion, allow me to extend the expressions of the highest acknowledgement and consideration to the United Nations as it carries out great assignments that we all recognize we will continue to respond to any fruitful and useful effort for the welfare of humanity. We reaffirm our strong belief in the mission of the United Nations, which is calling for the achievement of peace and development and promotion of all human rights in accordance with the provisions or the Charter agreed upon by the whole international family. We hope that the process of reform continues so that we meet the needs of our peoples in a free and dignified life.
We aspire to celebrate this occasion next year while our country is more unified and stronger.

I thank you for your attention



24 October 2011

Days from now, the human family will welcome its seven billionth member.
Some say our planet is too crowded. I say we are seven billion strong.
The world has made remarkable progress since the United Nations was born 66 years ago today.
We are living longer. More of our children survive. More and more of us live at peace, under democratic rule of law.

As we have seen in this dramatic year, people everywhere are standing up for their right and human freedoms.

And yet 00 all this progress is under threat. From economic crisis. Rising joblessness and inequality Climate change.
Around the world. Too many people live in fear. Too many people believe their government and the global economy can no longer deliver for them.
In these turbulent times, there is only on answer; unity of purpose.
Global problems demand global solutions.
They compel all nations to unite in action on an agenda for the world's people.
That is the very mission of the United Nations:
To build a better world.
To leave no one behind.
To stand for the poorest and most vulnerable in the name of global peace and social justice.
On this special day, let us recognize;
Never has the United Nations been so needed.
In our increasingly interconnected world, we all have something to gain by working together.
Let us unite, seven billion strong, in the name of the global common good.